A professional service with over 12 years experience of all types of private and public sector websites and portals worldwide.

WAMMI stands for Website Analysis and MeasureMent Inventory. It is built on commercial expertise gained from evaluating software for usability and International software standards since the early 1990's.

To assess the delivery of your business goals online, WAMMI:

  • Measures website user experience.

  • Benchmarks your website against our databases.

  • Tracks changes to website user experience over time.

  • Researches visitors to your site and what they think.

  • Generates objective data in a useful format for management.

WAMMI is used in many market sectors such as banking and finance, travel, telecom and ITC and all sizes of transactional (B2B/e-commerce) sites. Our survey can be adapted to measure user experience of corporate portals and intranet solutions.

WAMMI is used in the public sector (e-government). It has been broadly recommended, for instance, by the UK guidelines for public sector websites. It is used reguarly by EU-funded projects to assess how well project goals are being met.

As visitors expectations and reactions to websites vary between countries and cultures, and with today's strong focus on global markets, WAMMI is frequently used to conduct international surveys. It is currently available in most European languages.

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WAMMI questionnaire

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WAMMI report

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